In this article, I am listing out most of the papers related to the discovery and mitigation of bias in NLP models, which were accepted in EMNLP 2020. I have divided these papers into three major categories alongside a separate category of all the new datasets released in these papers. And if you are looking for a quick overview, then head over to the TL;DR section πŸ˜…. I have listed all the papers mentioned in the blog along with a one-two line summary.

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  1. Discovery of Bias
    1.1 Gender Bias
    1.2 Political Bias
    1.3 Annotator Bias
    1.4 Multiple
  2. Mitigating Bias 2.1…

Gaurav Maheshwari

Ph.D. student @INRIA working on be working on fairness and privacy related topics in NLP. More about me here:

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